What You Gain

Business Networking 

This group was created for you--the independent business person.  We offer you an (optional) inexpensive way to bring your business to the web for desktop, tablet, and smart phone  (DTS) devices. All in one convenient package. Join us today to unlock tremendous opportunity for tomorrow and beyond.  You will benefit from the vision of our Director of Marketing, JB.


Join forces with us, you will gain:

  • Business exposure and promotion
  • Co-op benefits
  • Brick-n-mortar event-marketing
  • Social events marketing
  • The opportunity to showcase your biz
Using this site:  This site is designed for ease-of-use meaning you simply click with your mouse or mouse-over and click.  In the case of the main menu bar at top, simply click 'Contact Us' to bring up our contact form or, in the case of 'Activity' and 'DTS', mouse-over then select an option from the sub-menu.  Also note that this site uses click-able images which link to other pages or sties.  Do not be afraid to explore.  So go ahead, mouse and click away.
Desktop-Tablet-Smartphone Responsive Site which includes triggered marketing options

Click on DTS then navigate to (optional) fees
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